testimonial icon“I find your techniques easy to follow. My grades, confidence and interest in Mathematics have improved. I scored an ‘A’ for my PSLE, from a ‘C’ for my school exams earlier.”

From Shravana. P6

“Thanks a lot for teaching patiently, encouraging and motivating Shravana. That made her realize her potentials and work harder. Thanks a lot for everything you have done for her.”

From Shravana’s Mum.

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"Mr Yee is the best tutor I have ever knew. Thanks for encouraging me.

 Because of him, I have made an improvement of 21 marks (75 to 96) in my Prelim compared to P5 SA2! I am very happy. His technique bank has helped me a lot. He has patiently answered my questions until they are clear for me. Thank You!"

 From Deepsri P6



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“The techniques I have learnt from you worked like magic on some of the tough questions. I have achieved an ‘A*’ for my Maths in PSLE. Thank you for your help.”

From Ruy Han. P6



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I really like his tuition. Even though he gives me way too much homework, he is still a good teacher. Mr Yee taught me the ever-helpful BCA, pure evil Total Value and the fun Two Variables. Ever since he taught me these methods, I went from Bs to A*. He is a wonderful teacher, trust me!! Thank you Mr Yee."

From Hannah. P5



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“Thank you for your patience and believing in me. My marks have improved from 63 to 82 for my SA2 exam.”

From Ashley. P3