Words From The Builder

“Students can achieve excellent grades as long as they have positive association to the subject. If they keep trying and failing, the association will certainly be negative. Adverse association can be reversed when the students realise certain learning strategies and how most of the topics are interlinked.

Therefore, instead of facing a daunting task of learning to do each topics on different techniques, we learn to do each techniques on different topics. This will greatly increase the students’ efficiency and their ability to fully execute the use of each technique regardless it is a fraction, ratio or percentage questions.

Lastly, coupled with effective and easy to learn techniques we can solve complex problem sums without the use of models.”

Latest Building Project :

Improvement Guaranteed for P5 and P4 students doing Mathematics!

FREE lessons if your child does not find what he/she will be learning easier than what he/she knew all these while!

Get to learn effective techniques for solving problem sums!

Want your child to have the confidence in doing Mathematics?

How to ensure your child benefits from the lessons without risking your time and money?

No talks only.

Here is how the guarantee works.

Students will be given a list of commonly tested questions to attempt. Marks awarded from this test will then be used as the benchmark for the improvement.

Typically, a retest will be given after 5 lessons where students will learn effective techniques to solve those questions. If there is no improvement or your child does not find the techniques easier to use, 100% of the fees will be refunded except for the registration fee.