Mrs Yee Shuli, a former MOE Primary school teacher who has been teaching since 1997. Prior to teaching at Cornerstone Learning Centre, she has taught in government schools and other established enrichment centres. Through the use of fun games and activities, she ensures that learning is fun, engaging and beneficial. She stimulates young minds to think of their roles in this world and how they can engage it.

Reading and researching about current affairs are strongly enforced from Primary One, thus a close bond with her students is a must as well to help them achieve their full potential both academically and psychologically. She looks forward to working with every student under her tutelage.

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“I always learn a lot from your class and games you let us play are very intriguing and interesting. Thank you for your endless patience with us even when we are as rowdy as animals.
I hope that you would continue to be my teacher for many years to come.”

From Jodie Lee, P5


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“I enjoy coming to class as Mrs Yee teaches us techniques to improve our English. She lets us watch videos and read articles to get more ideas for writing our stories.”

From Carissa Kenga, P5



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“Cornerstone is fun!
Cornerstone is the best of the best because there are fun and interesting topics to learn. I learn to speak well.”

From Sunny Zhai, P3



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“It is fun and I get to learn new vocabulary, improve my grammar and spelling. I learn to edit my stories and make them more interesting.”

From Loke Zi Ying, P3



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“Mrs Yee teaches us lots of useful vocabulary and how to write excellent stories. Every lesson is filled with fun and excitement. She is also a very kind teacher.”

From Iris Liu, P2



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“I like Cornerstone because I have learnt much about grammar, vocabulary, editing and synthesis and transformation.”

From Tiffany Lim, P3


Diploma is Education
Bachelor of Arts

  • CCA Teacher-in-charge of a Uniformed Group from Primary Two – Secondary Four
  • Good communication skills, approachable and dedicated
  • Tutoring full time Primary English since 2009