Definition of Cornerstone
The Cornerstone is the most important stone in the building because it joins the whole building together.


About Cornerstone

Cornerstone Learning Centre (CLC)
By putting the right perceptive of what learning is all about, it will define the purpose of our centre. School isn’t easy!! It isn’t designed to be easy because school is there to teach you what you don’t know and what you don’t know is difficult. Therefore, we strive to make this process of learning as appealing as we possibly can to the young minds entrusted to us through proven strategies.

Our curriculum complements and follow the MOE syllabus closely. CLC attempts to enhance what was taught in school so as to optimize the students’ time in the school as well as the centre. Every lesson is carefully planned in a manner that will ensure every students will benefit in terms of both acknowledge and skills.



Core values
We believe that every child is unique and important. We understand that their time is precious. Therefore, we treasure every opportunity to build on their academic resilience, having a positive mindset and strive for excellence.

We have professional builders for Primary English and Mathematics. Also Secondary Mathematics.